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If you are a tour operator, here you will find an instruction and practical tips how to add your offers to our website. 

The most frequent questions:

If I have to pay for adding my offers to the website?
NO, it is free, no matter how many offers you want to add.

May I add every kind of offer?
NO, only adventure tours and sport holidays. In every case you have to choose one activity and if you add a multisport offer, just choose the major one.  

What to do to add an offer?
1. To create your account fill the registration form for the companies in "Registration" bookmark.
2. Log in.
3. Find the "Offers" bookmark  in your account. 
4. Add your offer by "New offer" bookmark as follows: 
Step 1
- put the working title of your offer; it could be the same as that displayed in the browser or different one because it wouldn't be visible in a browser,
- choose the proper location (continent, country, region). In case of lack of a region, your offer is concerning to, write us a message; we add it as soon as possible,
Step 2
- put the final title for your offer (could be the same as the working one); in the title higlight the advantage of your offer e.g. skipass included, all inclusive etc. 
- offer description: describe the region, accommodation, alimentation, attractions, insurance.
The better and more detailed describtion, the more attractive offer for the customers !
Step 3
Here put the detailed program of your trip/tour. If the program isn't specified, leave it empty.
Step 4
PLN (Polish Zloty) is a default currency; you can change it to EUR or other, prefered one.
Days - determine how long is your trip/tour (number of nights).
Period - put the departure date; the end date will occur automatically. Put the price of the trip/tour for this period; here you can add additional note e.g. the price for an appartment, the special price till April etc.
Don't forget to save your settings using the "Save" button.
Saved information will occur in the table.
Repeat if needed (if there is more than one date for your trip/tour) following the same procedure.
Step 5
- Choose an activity e.g. snowboarding
- Check the blue icons - elements that define your trip/tour e.g. hotel, HB, insurance, self-drive
- Check the orange icons - optional elements e.g. SGL room, flight. AI, additional insurance, BB. Don't forget to put the option charge. The basic price will increase (e.g. for single supplement, AI etc.) or decrease (e.g. if someone choose only breakfast).
Step 6
Add photos to the gallery bookmark.
Step 7
 "Activate" your offer to make it visible for customers.

Where I can see my offers?
1. In "MY OFFER" browser; if the offer is green, it means that the offer is visible for customers; it it's red, the offer is unvisible - check if everything (dates, prices, location) is ok.
2. You can edit your offers as often as necessary.
3. In "RESERVATIONS" bookmark, you see your offers' reservations made by www.snowreligion.com.
4. Every reservation has its status: 
- NEW - is a new reservation of your offer; you can confirm it by pressing the button "CONFIRM" or cancell using the button "CANCEL" (e.g if the offer is sold out);
- CONFIRMED - the offer confirmed;
- CANCELLED - the offer cancelled by you;
- FINAL - is the offer confirmed by you and next confirmed by the customer.

What does it mean "MY RESERVATIONS" bookmark? 
As the tour operator you can book the other tour operator's offer as well for you and your family. Here you see all such reservations.

What is the profit for selling your offers ? 
The browser takes comission on every sale of the offers via www.snowreligion.com. The common rate is 10 %, despite the situations when both sides - browser's owner and tour operator decide otherwise. 
The commission is taken only from final booked offers and not pre-booking offers !

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